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Drunk Driving Penalties & Punishments 

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Drunk driving is not an uncommon offense that most drivers do despite the number of injuries and deaths that this misconduct has caused – no wonder why this is punishable by law.  


Drunk driving is a state -level and not federal level or national level of offense, therefore the punishments and the penalties are different from one state to another. However, there are some common grounds when it comes to the general penalties of a DUI (Drinking Under Influence). These include the suspension of driver’s license, mandatory counseling, fines that could exceed a thousand dollars, the use of interlock devices for a certain period of time, and jail time (which can rarely happen especially when it is the first time).  




What we have mentioned were the punishments and punishments that a first-time offender can potentially have. The punishments get heavier and heavier for multiple offenses which include longer suspensions, longer jail time, larger fines, loss of driver’s license, and a seizure of your vehicle. And again, all of these are generally what you can get when you have been accused of DUI. However, the specific details of each law can vary from one state to another.  


The law enforcement determines that your blood has BAC or blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher during the time you are operating a vehicle as well as you are an adult aged 21 or more. The BAC 0.08 or higher can vary across states although most states adopted that average. 


It is important to seek help from Brevard County DUI lawyers to ensure alleviation of penalties and punishments.  


Punishment for First DUI 


If it is your first time, your license will be automatically suspended although some states allow you to request a hearing with the DMV to prevent license suspension and this needs to be done within a week or two. If you win the hearing, the license suspension will not happen; otherwise, you will. There will also be some mandatory community service as well as fines you need to pay. 


Some states will require you the driver to have a mandatory alcohol treatment program like the Alcoholic Anonymous or attend a school like this one, which involves the driver to meet with a professional counselor and meet with other drivers to listen to their narratives about the negative effects of alcohol to their lives. The goal of this interaction is to encourage these drivers to avoid drinking again even if not using a vehicle. 


There are also states that will require an offender to use equipment called ignition interlock device on our vehicle. The driver will need to blow into the equipment to ensure that his BAC is lower than 0.08. If the device reads your BAC 0.08 or over, the car engine will not start.  


Remember that all of these can be experienced in the first case of DUI. However, there are also aggravating punishments and larger fines ass you keep on disobeying and being charged with DUI 


The very effective method of saving yourself form all these hassles is to avoid driving your vehicle while being influenced by alcohol, or at least hire a personal lawyer once this happens.  

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